lunch special
mon - fri 11:00 am - 3:00 pm
chef's daily selection entrée served
with spring roll & ZENse salad

spring rolls (3) crispy veggie rolls with plum sauce 4.99
summer rolls (3) refreshing chicken or shrimp rolls with peanut pineapple sauce 4.99/5.99
winter rolls (3) fresh rolls of sweet & sour pickled vegetables, crispy tofu with peanut pineapple sauce 4.99
fried wonton (6) filled with shrimp, shiitake mushroom serve with sweet chili sauce 4.99
dumpling (6) pork & shrimp, water chestnuts, shiitake mushroom with soy chili sauce 5.99
fried sweet potatoes 'n tofu with sweet chili sauce 5.99
fish cake tossed in house special sauce with cucumber, onion, carrot, and touch of crushed peanut on bed of mixed spring 5.99
fried calamari with spicy chili sauce 5.99
fried shrimp with spicy chili sauce 5.99
satay pork skewers or chicken on french bread, marinated in thai spices, grilled and serve with mildly spicy peanut sauce & cucumber relish 6.99

tom yum popular spicy & sour lemongrass soup with mushroom, bamboo shoots and baby corn chicken c 4.99/ b 8.99
shrimp c 5.99/ b 10.99
glass noodle with silken tofu and black mushroom c 3.99/ b 5.99
tom kha mushroom and bamboo shoot in tasty thai herbal coconut milk based chicken c 4.99 / b 8.99 shrimp c 5.99/ b10.99
shrimp wonton and shiitake mushroom in clear broth c 4.99 / b 8.99

yum & salad

grilled beef tomato, cucumber, onion in fresh chili limedressing on a bed of mixed spring. 9.99
laab gai minced chicken in spicy lime juice with roasted rice powder & fresh herbs on mixed spring 8.99
nam tok grilled flank steak with fresh herbs and roasted rice powder in spicy & sour roasted chili dressing on mixed spring 9.99
yum woon sen glass noodle with ground chicken & shrimp in chili lime juice 9.99
pla koong shrimp tossed in aromatic spicy lime dressing with fresh herbs, onion, lettuce & mixed spring 11.99
ZENse salad mixed greens, cucumber, onion, tomato and carrot topped with fried tofu and house special peanut sauce dressing 6.99

rice & noodles
choice of chicken l beef l tofu l or mixed vegetables
shrimp add 2.00 mixed seafood add 3.00

pad thai thin rice noodles and tofu wok tossed with bean sprouts, scallions, peanuts, and egg in our tamarind base sauce L 8.99/ D 10.99
pad kee mow wok-tossed wide rice noodles, egg, tomatoes, bell peppers with chili basil sauce L 8.99 / D 9.99
pad see iew stir-fried fresh wide rice noodles, egg and broccoli in black-bean sauce L 8.99 / D 9.99
noodle soup or dry rice noodles, bean sprouts in light'n tasty broth or seasoning and topped with roasted peanuts for dry style L 8.99 / D 9.99 sukiyaki soup or dry glass noodles, mixed veggies & egg with ZENse's special soybean ginger garlic sauce L 8.99 / D 9.99 .
thai fried rice ZENse style, with egg, onions and tomatoes L 8.99 / D 9.99 spicy basil fried rice with egg, onion, broccoli and bell peppers L 8.99 / D 9.99
siam beef skewer marinated with thai spices, grilled and served with cucumber salad L 8.99 / D 9.99
lemongrass chicken marinated with herbs, grilled and served on skewer with cucumber salad L 8.99 / D 9.99
pad ba mee egg noodles stir-fried with bean sprouts, tofu, onion, roasted sesame L 9.99 / 10.99
ying-yang wide rice noodles with chicken, shrimp, tofu, shiitake mushroom and bean sprouts tossed in thai spicy soy sauce L 9.99 / 10.99
crabby fried rice crab meat with eggs, onions and grape tomatoes L 10.99 / 11.99
pineapple fried rice wok tossed with chicken, raisins, cashews, onion, grape tomatoes L 10.99 / D 11.99

stir fry
:: served with jasmine rice ::
choice of chicken l beef l tofu l or mixed vegetables
shrimp add 2.00 mixed seafood add 3.00

pud ka-prow stir-fried fresh sweet basil leaves and green bean in chili-garlic sauce L 8.99 / D 9.99
cashew with white and green onions, and dried pepper L 8.99 / D 9.99 spicy garlic with steamed veggies L 8.99 / D 9.99
ginger with black fungus, white and green onions L 8.99 / D 9.99
rama with baby corn, snow pea, bamboo shoot, mushroom, and onion L 8.99 / D 9.99
veggie delight snow pea, bok choy, baby corn, mushroom, bean spout, carrot, broccoli in garlic sauce L 8.99 / D 9.99
pepper steak bell pepper, onion with black bean sauce L 8.99 / D 9.99
pud woonsen mung bean noodles with eggs and mixed

:: served with jasmine rice - roti - or vermicelli ::
choice of chicken l beef l tofu l or mixed vegetables 8.99
shrimp add 2.00 mixed seafood add 3.00

red - gaeng phet- herbs & dried red chilies paste in coconut-based with bamboo shoots and basil L 8.99 / D 10.99
green - gaeng kiow wahn- herbs & fresh green chilies paste in coconut- based with soybean pea, green bean eggplant and basil L 8.99 / D 10.99 yellow - gaeng karee- pleasant turmeric chilies pastein coconut-based with onions and potatoes L 8.99 / D 10.99
pineapple - gaeng khua saparot- sweet and sour red curry L 8.99 / D 12.99
panang sweet roasted peanut curry paste with kaffir lime leaves, bell peppers and basil L 8.99 / D 11.99
jungle curry - gaeng pah- delicious water-based curry with mixed vegetables and basil L 8.99 / D 10.99

side order
steamed jasmine rice 1.00
extra sauce 1.00
sticky rice 2.00
steamed veggies 2.00

green tea ice cream 3.50
coconut ice cream with jackfruit and a sprinkling of roasted peanuts 3.50 served with sweet sticky rice 4.50
roti fried asian pancake topped with condensed milk and sugar 3.25
wild rice pudding with young coconut flesh in warm coconut cream 4.25 mango'n sweet coconut sticky rice (seasonal) 5.25

thai iced tea or coffee 3.00
young coconut juice & flesh 3.00
grass jelly 2.75
chrysanthemum tea 2.75
hot tea - jasmine, green, or ginger 2.00
iced tea, soda 1.75

fearless foodie trendy dishes worth trying
chicken tom kha spaghetti with mushroom in lemongrass coconut cream sauce L 10.99 / D 12.99
chicken green curry fried rice topped with shredded egg L 10.99 / D 12.99
ka-prow spaghetti shrimp and sweet basil in chili-garlic sauce L 12.99 / D 14.99
three flavor fish catfish filet crispy fried to a golden brown, tossed with a dizzle of our homemade sauce that's spicy, sweet and sour! D 13.99
salmon curry pan-seared salmon filet topped with spicy curry sauce of your choice- red, green, or panang D 17.95